Sailors' Snug Harbor Library Borrowing Register, 1884 - 1886

Borrowing register of the Sailors' Snug Harbor library, including inmate names, book titles, and dates checked out/returned.  The book appears to have been reused in the early part of the twentieth century, as a number of pages have later additions in the form of pieces of paper that have been glued in or pinned to the register pages. These record non-library-related memoranda regarding various administrative functions of the Sailors' Snug Harbor, especially communication between the Storekeeper and Governor of Sailors' Snug Harbor, and obscure the earlier borrowing records on some pages. It appears that at a later date, after the library records were made, every other leaf was cut from the book, as there are narrow strips of paper that appear to be the bound edge of leaves that have been cut out. Also, between each facing page there is a gap in dates that appears to be best explained by the leaf between having been removed. 

It is possible to distinguish the handwriting of Sailors' Snug Harbor inmate Henry Macy in many of the entries during his tenure as librarian. 

The volume is large and leather-bound, with extensive red rot. It is in poor/fragile condition: the spine is almost entirely detached from the cover.
Type Of Resource
The Sailors' Snug Harbor records are the Property of the Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor. The collection is on permanent loan at the Stephen B. Luce Library of SUNY Maritime College.
Origin Info
Date Created: 1884 – 1886
Place: New York (N.Y.)
dateModified: 1902 – 1908
registers (lists), administrative records
Physical Description
Digital Origin: Reformatted digital