Phylipp Dilloway Oral History Interview

In the interview Phyl talks about his life leading up to his Maritime career, his time spent at the New York Maritime Academy from the Summer of 1944 to his graduation in October 1946, the people he knew while he was at the Academy, his time on the training ship USMSTS American Pilot (also known as the Empire State I), and the differences between today's mariners and mariners in the 1940s.

1:01 - Why Dilloway Became a Merchant Mariner
4:21 - Getting Into the New York State Maritime Academy
9:54 - First Days at the New York State Maritime Academy
16:45 - First Seaman's job after Graduation
19:40 - People of Maritime Academy: Admiral Thomas T. Craven
22:15 - People of Maritime Academy: Parkman T. Mason
27:05 - Recreational activities and Meeting Women
32:40 - Time aboard USS American Pilot
37:40 - Popular Feeling Towards Cadets during the 1940s
40:15 - VE and VJ day as a Cadet; Post Graduation
44:30 - Advice to Current Cadets
54:00 - How Maritime Technology has Changed
Name: Dilloway, Phylipp 1926-
Role: Interviewee

Name: Berilla, Elizabeth
Role: Interviewer
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Phylipp Dilloway was born in Bronx, New York on October 29th, 1926. When he graduated from Evanders Childs High School in the summer of 1944, Dilloway knew that he was most likely going to be selected to go to war. He choose to attend the New York State Maritime Academy (now SUNY Maritime), a college he was already familiar with from his youth, as a way to participate in the war and stay out of the army. This decision lead him to a career as a mariner, including time spent in the Naval Reserves and Korea. Dilloway eventually moved on to become an industrial engineer at a consultant firm, and a professor at the University of Bridgeport, but his time at the New York State Maritime Academy always stuck with him. In this interview Dilloway speaks of his time at the New York State Maritime Academy, the people he knew there, and his career as a mariner.
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