Captain Hugh Stephens Oral History Interview

In this interview Captain Hugh Stephens speaks of his time as a merchant mariner during World War II working on liberty transport ships, his experiences during his career after the war, how he got into being a nautical educator, and comparing cadets from his time to cadets nowadays.

2:40 - Training to be a sailor in World War 2
6:25 - Peral Habor as a cadet
8:13 - First Liberty Ship, Janet Lord Roper
14:20 - Meeting an OSS Agent in Mozambique
20:24 - Second Libtery Ship, Charles M. Conrad
22:15 - Cruise to Murmansk
31:00 - Working on an Army Hospital Ship
41:20 - Switching from Troop Transports to Freighters
44:15 - Career in Nautical Education
50:20 - Differences between cadets back then and now
54:15 - Training ships and cruises at SUNY Maritime College
Name: Stephens, Hugh
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Name: William, Joseph A.
Role: Interviewer
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Captain Hugh Stephens is a World War II veteran, having spent time as a merchant mariner on several liberty ships throughout the war. A liberty ship was the main class of goods transport vessel for the American merchant fleet during the war. One of his more memorable experiences is during a particular cruise where he traveled to Murmansk, the main Russian port where the US sent supplies. Stephens recounts how that particular convoy route was dangerous for ships, but he made it through in one piece. 

After the war, Stephens spent time on several naval ships (hospital ships and troop transports) before making the tranisition to working on frieghters and tankers. Eventually he retired from his mariner life and pursued a career in nautical education, teaching a new generation of merchant mariners. He is still a lecturer at SUNY Mariitme College.
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