Essay on "The Presidential Crew" by the ex-librarian [Henry Macy], Sailors' Snug Harbor, April 29, 1889

Essay written by the "Ex Librarian" describing the centenary celebration of Washington's inauguration, which involved thirteen captains, selected from members of the Marine Society, rowing President Benjamin Harrison to shore from the ship Dispatch to a landing next to Wall Street. The named captains are Gustavus D. S. Trask, William A. Ellis, Benjamin Marsh, Stephen Whitman, Richard Luce, John R. Dewan, Samuel G. Fairchild, James Parker, Albert Spencer, George A. Dearborn, George L. Norton, William W. Urquhart, and Ambrose Snow. A notation at the bottom of the page states that it was for the Marine Journal. [Cataloger's note: The essay does not give the author's name but the handwriting and indication of the inmate's former title match Henry Macy.]
Name: Macy, Henry, 1828-1912
Role: Author
Institutional Affiliation: Sailors' Snug Harbor (Institution)
Type Of Resource
The collection is on permanent loan at the Stephen B. Luce Library of SUNY Maritime College. The Sailors' Snug Harbor records are the Property of the Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor.
Origin Info
Date Created: April 29 1889
Place: New Brighton (New York, N.Y.)
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extent: 17.7 x 22.6 cm
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