Letter to Captain Gustavus D. S. Trask, Governor of Sailors' Snug Harbor, from L. H. [Lorin H.] Botsford, Inmate, Sailors’ Snug Harbor, January 3, 1890

Handwritten letter from Lorin H. Botsford, inmate of Sailors' Snug Harbor, to Captain Gustavus D. S. Trask, regarding the arrest of D. [David] C. Woods [sic] for grand larceny. Botsford explains that Wood has been deceiving inmates regarding working on the island, has significant debt, and will soon be accused of stealing blank forms and "bill heads" belonging to the Grand Lodge in New Brighton by a Mr. Welzin. Botsford claims that Mr. Johnson will confirm his story and promises to keep the subject of his letter secret from others.
Name: Botsford, Lorin H., -1894
Role: Author
Institutional Affiliation: Sailors' Snug Harbor (Institution)

Name: Trask, Gustavus D. S. (Dunham Smith), 1837-1914
Role: Addressee
Institutional Affiliation: Sailors' Snug Harbor (Institution)
Type Of Resource
The collection is on permanent loan at the Stephen B. Luce Library of SUNY Maritime College. The Sailors' Snug Harbor records are the Property of the Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor.
Origin Info
Date Created: January 3 1890
Place: New Brighton (New York, N.Y.)
letters (correspondence)
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extent: 31.8 x 20.1 cm
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