Letter to Captain Gustavus D. S. Trask, Governor of Sailors' Snug Harbor, from L. H. [Lorin H.] Botsford, Inmate, Sailors’ Snug Harbor, November 22, 1890

Handwritten letter from Lorin H. Botsford, inmate of Sailors' Snug Harbor, to Captain Gustavus D. S. Trask, expressing his desire to describe the truth with regard to a report against him. Having not found a place in the hospital, Mr. [Joseph K.?] Clark assigned Botsford to a room in the extreme west building. Botsford had promised Mr. Lewin to call on him in the evening and, on the way back, remembered that he needed to buy locks for his drawers, which he did in New Brighton. He was overstressed, asked a druggist for some morphine, and while under the influence, remembers having one drink. He claims to have not been in a drinking establishment for nineteen months and swears not to reenter one again. A second sheet, in the same handwriting, is the statement of "J C an inmate" that explains that "you" [Botsford?] came into Conners "looking mighty bad" and "Old B W" had invited him to drink. The person making the statement said that he had returned to the Harbor first, as he was just coming off taboo, and that Botsford [?] followed immediately after him. The person then explains that Webb spoke to Botsford [?] but the person making the statement went back to their room.
Name: Botsford, Lorin H., -1894
Role: Author
Institutional Affiliation: Sailors' Snug Harbor (Institution)

Name: Trask, Gustavus D. S. (Dunham Smith), 1837-1914
Role: Addressee
Institutional Affiliation: Sailors' Snug Harbor (Institution)
Type Of Resource
The collection is on permanent loan at the Stephen B. Luce Library of SUNY Maritime College. The Sailors' Snug Harbor records are the Property of the Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor.
Origin Info
Date Created: November 22 1890
Place: New Brighton (New York, N.Y.)
letters (correspondence)
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extent: 20.1 x 25 cm
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