Phylipp Dilloway Photograph

This is a self portrait taken by Phylipp Dilloway onboard the USS American Pilot (also known as the Empire State I), taken in the summer of 1945. Dilloway set a camera on a timer to take the photograph, thus he is both the subject and the photographer. The bracelet on his wrist is an seamanship knot known as a three stranded Turk's head, made out of white cotton whipping line, which old sailors would wear as an adornment.
Name: Dilloway, Phylipp 1926-
Role: Creator
Type Of Resource
Still images
Origin Info
Date Created: 1945
black-and-white photographs
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Digital Origin: Reformatted digital
Copyright Note
Phylipp Dilloway released the material he created into the public domain by selecting the CC0 Public Domain Dedication in the Deed of Gift.