Oral History Interview with Jerry Antos and Michael Perdoncin of the University Police Department

Jerry Antos is a retired Lieutenant for the SUNY Maritime College campus police force. Michael Perdoncin was a coworker of Antos and is the current Lieutenant for the SUNY Maritime College campus police force. In this interview they both reminisce on their time spent at SUNY Maritime college, how things have changed since Jerry Antos started in the 1980's, the trials and tribulations of being a campus police officer, and their favorite work stories.

1:50 - First Impressions of Maritime College
3:30 - Early Campus Police
6:25 - How They Became Campus Police
9:30 - Responsibilities of Campus Police and the Campus Community
13:25 - Favorite Work Stories
23:30 - What makes Maritime College different
26:20 - Lessons from the job
30:28 - Early Struggles of Police on Campus
35:40 - Changes to the Maritime College campus
42:15 - Advice to future Campus Police 
Name: Antos, Jerry
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Name: Perdoncin, Michael
Role: Interviewee

Name: Tummino, Annie
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Date Created: May 18 2017
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